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Our mission, at Hawkins Elementary School, is to meet the individual needs of all students through our school counseling program. H.E.S. has developed a plan of action that will empower students to achieve their greatest potential intellectually, socially, and emotionally.
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Hi students and parents, I am Mr. Joe Murphy, Jr. I am your school counselor at Hawkins Elementary School this year. I am new here to this area, coming from Memphis, Tennessee, but I originally grew up in Florence, Alabama. I have my BS.Ed. in Secondary Education, Spanish, Geography and a M.A.Ed. in Education Administration(PreK-12) from University of North Alabama and my most recent M.S.Ed. in School Counseling from University of Tennessee-Martin. I have four years of counseling experience and at least thirteen years of teaching experience. I am fluent in Spanish and have intermediate skills in French. I love tennis, soccer, bowling, swimming, the beach, relaxing at coffee shops, dogs, comedy shows, weather channel, and other things that are good and healthy for me. 
       My goal is to provide you with help related to academic, career, social, and emotional issues this year as well as provide you with ways to better cope with things that may be hindering your success at school, home, or life in general. My other goal is to help you become aware of your strengths, talents, and be proud of who you are! Please feel free to contact me anytime by phone, email, or my Google Classroom Counselor page if you want to discuss anything, have questions, or need to contact me to set up a personal session to discuss a more personal issue.
         I look forward to meeting and helping each and every one of you this year whether it be in person, or via Zoom/Google Classroom.
Mr. Murphy