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Student Attendance

Attendance Requirements

I. Excused Absences: Absences may be excused for the following reasons:

A. Personal illness

B. Death or serious illness of immediate family

C. Observance of religious holidays of the student’s own faith

D. State Board of Health Isolation

E. Required attendance at a court proceeding

F. Special permission granted by the principal for medical, dental or orthodontist

appointments, and

G. Situations approved by the principal.

All schoolwork missed for the above reasons must be made up within a reasonable time as

determined by school personnel, normally based on one day allowed per each day missed.

II. Unexcused Absences: All absences other than for the reasons listed in Part I will be

unexcused. Students may receive a zero for all school work missed and not completed.

Excuses for absences must be received within three school days of returning to school.

Excuses not received within 3 days after returning to school may result in absences

remaining unexcused.

III. Makeup Work (Excused Absences Only)

The student will be allowed to make up work missed following an excused absence by

contacting teacher(s). Makeup work may be done under the following provisions:

A. The student and parent should take the initiative to consult the teacher(s) for work

missed upon returning to school following an absence.

B. The teacher(s) will determine when and how work shall be made up.

C. Time permitted for work to be made up shall be in direct proportion to the days missed.

D. A student who fails to appear for an appointment for makeup work without being

excused by the teacher forfeits the right to make up the work.

IV. Homework Assignments May Be Requested Under the Following Provisions:

A. If a student in grades K-6 is to be absent two or more consecutive days, the parent/guardian

may request homework assignments by calling the school. Assignments may be picked up at

the school within 30 minutes after students are dismissed.

B. If the student is too ill to work on the assignment at home, arrangements can be made to

makeup work upon return to school.

V. Reporting Absences

Absences for reasons listed will be approved if the parent or guardian will do ONE (1) of the


A. Phone the school on the day of the absence.

B. Send a written excuse by the student upon returning to school within three school days.

The excuse must be presented to school office personnel.

C. Phone the school and get prior approval when there is prior knowledge of an absence.

D. Principals may require additional formal documentation if absences become excessive.

VI. Truancy

Students are considered truant when absent without knowledge or consent of parents and

school officials. A student guilty of truancy will be reported to the school attendance officer

and appropriate discipline considered.

A parent or guardian should accompany the student to the principal’s office to be readmitted to

school. Should a second offense occur, a three day suspension could result. Truancy will

result in unexcused absence(s).

VII. Absences-School Activities

A student who is absent-unexcused cannot participate in school activities or events on the day

of the absence without principal approval.

Dismissal from School (Must sign out in office)

All requests for early dismissal should be in the school office before first period except for

dismissals due to unforeseen emergencies. Any written request for dismissal must contain the

date, reason, and parent or guardian’s signature. Early dismissal will count against perfect

attendance awards.

In the event of an emergency, the principal will take appropriate action to ensure the wellbeing

and safety of the child and fellow students.




School personnel have an obligation to protect the safety of students by asking for positive

identification from have an obligation to protect the safety of students by asking for positive

identification from anyone who is picking up a child from school.

VIII. Tardiness to School (K-12)

A student who arrives at any time after the tardy bell each morning is considered tardy.

Any student who is tardy must report to the principal’s office with parent BEFORE going to

class. Teachers are instructed not to admit a student to class without an admittance slip after

the tardy bell has rung. An acceptable excuse must be presented to determine if the tardiness is

to be excused. The same guidelines used for absences and early dismissals also apply to


NOTE: For students eligible to ride a bus, “car trouble” will not normally be accepted for

approval of tardiness. Oversleeping, clock failure, missed rides, etc. will not be accepted for

approval of tardiness. Tardiness that falls in the excusable category will be excused if the

parent or guardian sends a written notice with the student or calls the office before the student

arrives. Notes must state the date, reason for tardiness, and signature of parent or guardian.

Time lost due to unapproved tardiness to school may be made up before or after regular hours.

Parents and guardians of elementary students will be contacted before a child stays after school.

IX. Perfect Attendance

Perfect attendance shall be defined and observed by all schools as no absences, tardies, or

early checkouts (except as may be determined by principal). Exceptions shall be late school

bus arrival or school sponsored field trips. Students with perfect attendance will be recognized

at the end of the school year in each school. Additional attendance incentives may be used

provided that the incentives are approved by the school administration.