HES Perfect Attendance

The class with the most students present everyday receives the Perfect Attendance banner.  Students attendance is a major reflection of the students’ learning. How can you learn what you are not there to hear? One day off is equal to a week of learning lost. We believe that all of our students can and will achieve proficient advance when provided engaging learning activities.

1ST Nine Weeks Perfect Attendance



Bowman, My Anna

Murphy, Skylar

Franklin, Zachary

Youngblood, Camron

Alvao-Coello, Yandel

Harris, Caleb

Hunter, Ryna



Alva-Coello, Edwin

Graves, Naviya

Grider, Rachel

Hernandez-Domingo, Aracely

Hernandez, Jamileth

Mendez Mondrono, Evelyn

Parson, Aniyah


First Grade

Barnes, Alan

Barnes, Devonta

Calihua-Adan, Oscar

Contreras, Karla

Cooks, Jayden

Correa-Gaspar, Monserrath

Crosby, Cokie

Diomande, Nabinteu

Jones, Gerald

Mendez Mondono, Melany

Miller, Trinity

Morente, Ingrid

Pelayo, Shayla

Sanchez-Lopez, Perla

Simmons, Kinley

Smith, Antwonette

White, Raneisha

Young, Cailyn 

Second Grade

Bender, Jr., Clayton

Bradley, Samihya

Butler, Ashjah

Calihua-Adan, Franciso

Flores-Perez, Joanna

Fortenberry, Gavin

McDonald Rhyland

Ortiz, Alex

Sanchez-Lopez, Luis

Simmons, Kinley

Wright, Kanaja 

Third Grade

Barnes, Briana

Bourne, Marsyah

Calvert, Cameron

Colbert, Jayden

Correa, Jairo

Griffin, James

Jones, Micah

Keys, Anthony

May, Orlando

McDonald, Corey

McDonald, Rodman

Miller, Jeremiah

Ortiz, Lisette

Otis, Patience

Pugh, Jamiah

Rawlas, Jamaemeshia

Tehunitle, Brenda

Weathers, Tyson

Fourth Grade

Booth, Triston

Carter, Demarion

Colbert, Auston

Hall, Samuel

Hutchins, Trevis

Lucas, Miracle

Maze, BreAnnah

Myers, Aviyana

Sanchez, Emily

Weathers, Antione

Fifth Grade

Boone, Toniya

Crosby, Cassidy

Eatman, Ervin

Richardson, Tristan

White, Manuel

Zeigler, Christian