HES Football

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Hattiesburg American:


Hawkins Elementary School's Football Team has received the Mayor's Award for winning the District Championship for Hattiesburg Public School District for four years in a row.  The H.E.S. Football Team will compete against The Lexington Colts from Holmes County, on Saturday, December 13th, in the State Championship Competition, on The University of Southern Mississippi campus.  This is a great honor for The City of Hattiesburg, Hattiesburg Public School District, and Hawkins Elementary.   



2014 Mighty Tiger Football Jamboree

Sept 13, 2014


                                      9:00           LB              vs.              Hawkins 

         9:30           GC             vs.              Thames 

                      10:00         Woodley      vs.              B/G Club 

                      10:30         Hawkins      vs.              Rowan

                      11:00         LB               vs.              B/G Club

                     11:30         Thames       vs.              Woodley

                     12:00         Rowan         vs.              GC



·      All games will be played at San Antonio Fields.

·      Games will consist of two (10) minute half each starting with a kick-off

·      Players will wear practice pants and White or Black tee shirts over pads 


2014 Mighty Tiger (5-6 Grade) Tackle Football Schedule

Boys & Girls Club               Grace Christian                  Woodley

Thames                                 Lillie Burney

Hawkins                               Rowan         


Sept 27 11:30 Hawkins vs. Woodley (L)

Oct. 4 1:30 Hawkins vs. Lillie Burney (W)
Oct 11 12:30 Hawkins vs. B/G Club (W)
Oct 18 11:30 Hawkins vs. GC (W)
Oct 25 11:30 Rowan vs. Hawkins (W)
Nov 1 12:30 Thames vs. Hawkins (W)

Week 8
Nov 8 8:30 (2) seed vs. (7) seed
9:30 (3) seed vs. (6) seed
10:30 (4) seed vs. (5) seed
12:30 (1) seed vs. (Lowest) Seed
1:30 (Two remaining) seeds play

Week 9

Hawkins vs. Woodley (W)

*All games will be played on HHS game field D.I. Patrick Stadium